Our Services

Landscape Construction

Landscape construction also known as hardscape can entail a number of different projects. Under this category we include;

Land Clearing

Rotary brush mower. We have an 84” diamond rotary brush mower, this mower can cut through pretty much anything in its path.

Excavation Service

Our excavation services include:
*Storm water and drainage

Concrete Service

We are experienced in prepping, installing, and finishing concrete. Prep work is one of the most important aspects of concrete installation.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Proposal
  • Build and install
  • Follow up

Nowadays with technology there are many contractors that are not interested in meeting with clients and reviewing projects to provide estimates. They review information online, provide an estimate and if accepted come to perform work without ever viewing site. This can lead to surprises and inaccurate estimates. We believe in coming to view worksite, discussing in detail customers project, and obtaining a strong understanding of project.

After obtaining a strong understanding of project, we create a well thought out and detailed proposal. We go over our proposals in detail with clients to ensure everyone is on the same page and we do not have any surprises while completing work.

Once everyone is on the same page with proposal, we start the buildout phase. Throughout our buildout phase we like to maintain a high level of communication with customers. We review progress daily and ensure we are exceeding customer expectation.

After project is completed, we like to check back with customers to ensure they are still 100% satisfied with completed work and all aspects of project exceeded expectations.

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